Community Outreach

MHF Community Outreach

The Middleburg Humane Foundation is appreciative of the support it receives from the local community and returns the kindness through educational programs for pet owners and students pursuing a career in animal care. Years spent developing relationships with local veterinarians, church groups, scouts, law enforcement officials and the agricultural community have enabled us to give back in many ways.


We welcome the opportunity to meet with any size group to present on the topic of animal care, behavioral needs, livestock issues or any other need.


Behavior and Training Classes

We offer a canine training class that will help new pet owners settle into a relationship with their adopted pet quickly and easily. Facilitated by Genevieve Warner, CPDT-KA and MHF Pet Trainer, this 6- or 7-week course provides structure for learning how to train and offers instruction on basic canine behavior. Although geared toward dogs, the skills learned can be applied to any species—even children!


Educational Opportunities

MHF recognizes that youth in our agricultural area may be interested in pursuing a career in small or large animal care. We frequently visit with area schools to help educate students at the elementary level about animal care, duties of a veterinarian technician, and equine care. At the upper levels, we have an established teaching program for students up to 12th grade.




Please contact the Middleburg Humane Foundation for more information about community outreach.