Equine Rescue


The MHF Equine Rescue program rescues all equines from situations of abuse and/or neglect. These horses most frequently come from county seizure cruelty cases or willful release. Rescued equines at the MHF shelter receive immediate care to include medications and vaccines, farrier, dental, and extensive behavioral and physical rehabilitative care.

When the equines are ready, MHF finds loving families who are committed to giving each rescued equine a second chance at life. Before placing an equine, MHF ensures that each animal is situated into a home that best suits that animal's needs. MHF visits the facility where the horse will be housed and sends the equine home for a foster period before finalizing the adoption. This gives the equine and the adopter a chance to bond.


Equines adopted from MHF cannot be used for breeding or racing and cannot be sold or given away. We also maintain a lifelong commitment by requiring adopters to complete an annual report.


If you are interested in adopting an equine, please click here for our adoption procedures. Equine adoption donations range from $100 to $1000 depending on expenses incurred by MHF for rehabilitation.