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Love Story: It's prime kitten season, and so we wanted to share a cute story of last year's kittens who went home and have found their place in the world. Thank you for loving them!

"We only planned on adopting a pair of kittens, but another sister in the litter literally reached out of the cage to get our attention as we made our final decision. The three mischievous sisters, renamed to Cinnamon, Ginger, and Nutmeg, share an unbreakable bond and can be found together whether it's sleeping, playing, bird watching, and especially eating.


Nutmeg, the black tortie, made it her mission to become best friends with our 13-year-old black cat who recently lost his sister to cancer before we adopted these kittens. He was not quite sure what to do with these three new furry bundles of energy. Her persistence paid off as he can now be found grooming them, joining in on playtime, and on occasion, even sleeping with them. I've lived with cats all my life, and these are the most adorable I've ever had!"

Rockville 66

A recently published article goes into some detail about the "Rockville 66",  a group of animals that MHF participated in taking care of after their seizure. One of the dogs that MHF took in, Katya, is especially significant to the staff because one of our Senior Animal Care staff, Brooke, took her home!

When the six dogs from this case first came in, Katya was a stand-out. She wouldn't allow anyone to touch her, go near her cage or help out with her matted hair. When Brooke first met her, she was immediately drawn to her. She was the first person that Katya learned to start trusting and even let her touch her belly to start with. It took about two months of living in our Isolation Room before Katya would allow Brooke to work with her. Brooke decided that she was going to foster Katya and ended up adopting her shortly after that. Brooke says, "Katya isn't like any other dog that I have met before. She's very sweet and a huge couch potato now, but she took a lot of work to get to this point. She loves me and sleeps in bed with me now, but she really made me work for that!" Brooke wouldn't change a moment of her time with Katya and now, couldn't imagine her life without her.

Read the article and learn more about where the "Rockville 66" came from and find more in-depth information about hoarding and animal cruelty. Link:

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After 1,541 days in the shelter, we are so excited to announce that Cheyenne is officially ADOPTED! Don't you love when the good things come to those who wait?! We wanted to say thank you to her adopter Bobbi! Not only did you give Cheyenne a chance to find her forever home, but you are loving her unconditionally. We are so glad that you were ready for another horse from MHF and you decided to take a chance on our Cheyenne.