Volunteering with MHF


Our animals benefit tremendously from our volunteer's tender loving care. We would love to have you join our team. We realize though that many people lead very busy lives. Before you sign up for volunteer orientation and commit to becoming one of our helpers, we’d like to explain the many opportunities at the Middleburg Humane Foundation (MHF) to be sure that you are comfortable and willing to start volunteering. Young adults sixteen and above may volunteer without parents (after the orientation). Youth from 5 to 15 must be accompanied by a fully trained parent or guardian at ALL times. For more general information or information on community service hours, please scroll down to the box below.

COVID-19 UPDATE: In an effort to keep our staff safe and healthy, all volunteer opportunities have been changed to being by appointment-only. For more information on how current volunteers can safely be at the shelter, please email the volunteer coordinator at volunteer@middleburghumane.com. MHF will be accepting new volunteers for interview or orientation at this time on a limited basis. To begin this process, please fill out the volunteer application below. Thank you for your understanding and stay safe! 

Please call 540-364-3272 or email the shelter at volunteer@middleburghumane.org if you have any questions.

Click this link below to be taken to the Volunteer Application

Click this link below to be taken to the Foster Application

Interview & Tour

During the interview portion of the volunteer training you will go over a set of questions to allow the Volunteer Coordinator to get a better sense of who you are, what you expect from volunteering and where you would best fit into the program. Once the interview is completed, you will do a walking tour of the facility. 

We request a Volunteer Registration donation for all new volunteers.  Although it is not mandatory, all volunteer registration donations will help alleviate the physical costs and staffing demands of our fast-growing volunteer program.  Some physical costs associated with our program include supplies for interviews, increased staffing costs, equipment for off-site events and our new volunteer badges.  The suggested registration donation is $10.00 for persons 14 and over, and $5.00 for persons under 14 years.

Come dressed for the outdoors & expect to be at the shelter for 30-45 minutes.



Once you have completed volunteer training you will receive your volunteer badge and will be provided access to SignUp, our volunteer registration system. We have volunteer hours 6 days a week in many areas of the shelter. Giving one or two hours of your time at least once a month on the days you volunteer will be a great help. 

If more than 90 days have elapsed between your orientation and your first volunteer day, you might need to attend a refresher program.


Community Service Hours

Many people, particularly students, find that they need to perform community service hours. We are happy to assist, however, it is generally not possible to volunteer more than a couple hours on a given day. Please plan well ahead of any deadlines, and advise us of the need for cumulative hours as well as any written documentation.

Students ages 16 and over may work unsupervised on shelter projects; students under 16 must have adult supervision. Unless students have been through a volunteer orientation with a parent/guardian and been trained, they cannot work with the shelter animals, for safety reasons.