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Introducing Muffin...

Muffin is 1 year old and looking for a comfortable home to call her own. She was transferred to MHF on November 30, 2020 from a nearby shelter. She arrived with what we thought was a ruptured eye but upon examination by a Veterinary Ophthalmologist, we discovered was actually an iris prolapse. The Ophthalmologist recommended against surgery as Muffin's eye had healed itself and stabilized. More importantly, Muffin has sight in this eye.

Muffin also had a polyp (non-cancerous mass) in one of her ears and an umbilical hernia. The polyp was causing Muffin discomfort and was removed, and her hernia was repaired during her spay surgery. But poor Muffin was not through with her medical woes: her polyp grew back (this is common as it is sometimes impossible to remove the entire polyp) and she required a second surgery to have it removed. 

You might think that after all this, Muffin would be withdrawn. That is not the case at all: Muffin is sociable and loves to play with other cats. She is affectionate towards humans and her foster mother reported that one of Muffin's favorite things to do is to lie in her lap. She zooms around the cat cabin here at the shelter, checking out every toy to see which one is the most fun.

Muffin will not require much in terms of long-term care. Though her eye looks abnormal it does not require treatment and she can see out of it. If you are interested in adopting this sweet girl, click here to fill out an Adoption Questionnaire.