Introducing Bessy...

Bessy is 7 1/2 years old and is looking for a comfortable home to call her own. She arrived at the shelter March 13, 2021. But she didn't just arrive in a car like the average dog: She was one of nine dogs who boarded a Freedom Flight that transported them from a crowded rural shelter in the south to MHF.

Bessy tested heartworm positive on her arrival and received heartworm treatment. These treatments were difficult for her but she got through them. We also suspected she was pregnant and took X-Rays, which showed that while she was not pregnant she did have a pellet in her chest. We left the pellet in place as it is not causing her medical problems or discomfort.

Bessy is a sweet and playful girl. She loves to go for walks, lay on her back to get some sun, and flop on her back in protest of the conclusion of her walk. She loves to be the center of attention and is not above demanding the attention she deserves. Bessy loves people and does well with children. One of our donors has sponsored Bessy's adoption fee to help Bessy find her home. CLICK HERE if you are interested in adopting Bessy.