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Snout N' About

Snout N’ About’s main focus is to get the dogs of MHF out into the community so they can gain some enrichment and be seen by potential adopters. Snout N’ About is a program for people who don’t have a lot of time and want to start small. It is for the busy fosters who just want to take a hike in the park, watch a movie on the couch, or have a sleepover for the weekend. It also helps the pups! Short term foster and field trip programs like Snout N’ About help to reduce kennel stress, and get information on a dog’s behavior outside the shelter environment. We absolutely believe that kennel behavior is not a predictor of home behavior. Field trips are helpful in marketing dogs for adoption, as potential adopters want to know what a dog looks and acts like outside of their kennel. The opportunity for creative photography, videography, and stories is increased by short term foster programs! A doggy slumber party? Sign me up!  

Click here to learn the science behind this program! 
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