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MHF's companion animal adoption program finds qualified, permanent and loving homes for the abused, neglected and "at risk" animals that have been rehabilitated at our shelter. Each animal is evaluated by an animal trainer prior to being adopted in order to ensure that the proper match is made.  





CANINE - All dogs are current on vaccines, dewormed, heartworm negative, flea/tick free, microchipped, and (if over 4 months of age), spayed or neutered before being released. Puppies return to us for spay or neuter at 4 months of age. Adopters are required to pay a non-refundable adoption fee to help cover a portion of the medical costs.  Adopters must sign a no-tethering clause upon adopting an MHF dog.


FELINE - All cats are feline leukemia and feline aids negative, vaccinated, dewormed, flea/tick free, microchipped, and spayed or neutered before being released if over 4 months of age. Kittens return to us for spay or neuter at 4 months of age. Adopters are required to pay a  non-refundable adoption fee to help cover some of the medical costs. Adopters must sign a no declaw clause upon adopting MHF cats/kittens.

Submit a Canine/Feline Adoption Questionnaire

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Many people are not aware that shelters often have pocket pets or birds that need a home.  The term Pocket Pet often refers to small mammals who are housed in a cage such as mice, rats, hamsters, gerbils, rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, and chinchillas, but can also include reptiles and amphibians.  Owning a pocket pet or bird can be a big responsibility. Pocket pets and birds have very different diets and needs from dogs and cats.  It is crucial that you learn how to take care of your pet before adopting.  Please check your local shelter when considering adopting a pocket pet or bird instead of buying one from a pet store.  The amount of the adoption fee varies depending on the individual animal and expenses incurred for rehabilitation. Submit a Pocket Pet Adoption Questionnaire

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When placing livestock, MHF ensures that each animal is adopted into a home that best suits that animal's needs. MHF visits the facility where the animal will be housed and sends the animal home for a foster period before finalizing the adoption. This gives the animal and the family a chance to bond. Animals adopted from MHF cannot be used for breeding or racing and cannot be sold or given away. We maintain a lifelong commitment to our animals by requiring adopters to complete an annual report. Equine Adoption fees range from $100 to $1,000 depending on expenses incurred by MHF for rehabilitation. Other livestock adoption fees are based solely on expenses incurred for rehabilitation.


If you are interested in adopting an equine or other livestock:


Submit a Livestock Adoption Questionnaire and review the Preliminary Terms for Livestock Adoption. An  MHF representative will have you sign both documents upon completion of the home check.  Please contact us with further questions.


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