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Compassionate Kids

We love it when younger people want to help the animals! Children as young as ten years old are encouraged to volunteer at the shelter to help socialize the animals through TLC. (Please note: children under the age of 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult, our minimum age requirement to volunteer on-site is 12 years old.) 

Beyond volunteering at the shelter, younger children are encouraged to help the shelter animals through service projects at the shelter, conducting food or supply drives, or drawing pictures of our adoptable animals for our social media. Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator for further details on these opportunities.

Junior Volunteers
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It is important for children to learn empathy as well as responsible care of animals. Our junior volunteers are a welcome and valuable presence in our shelter!  

Food & Supply Drive

Conducting a pet food & supply drive helps MHF care for animals both at the shelter and through programs such as our Food Assistance program.

Puppy & Kitty Love

Socialization is very important to prepare animals for adoption: the better socialized they are, the more likely they are to successfully adapt to their new home.


The girls of Sunshine Lemonade hosted a neighborhood lemonade stand to raise money for the animals at the shelter. When they sent the donation they also sent handwritten thank you letters for the shelter employees, which brought some sunshine to the staff!

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